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About Shri Navchetan Andhjan Mandal

Shri Navchetan Andhjan Mandal was founded in 1976 as a non-profit organization with a primary focus on assisting visually impaired elderly individuals. However, in 2003, they extended their services to include non-disabled elderly people who lost their children in the 2001 earthquake. Since 1997, the organization has been providing education, medical care, vocational training, rehabilitation, and employment opportunities to children with various disabilities, including visually impaired, hearing impaired, intellectually disabled, and locomotor disabled. Their goal is to educate and provide vocational training to disabled children of all castes, communities, religions, and beliefs to help them achieve optimal development and earn their livelihood.
                The organization operates on charity and offers inclusive primary schools for boys and girls, a co-educational inclusive higher secondary school, as well as industrial training centers for cutting, tailoring, and computer operations. They provide facilities such as separate hostels for boys and girls, physiotherapy centers, libraries, a Mind Power Development Centre, computerized braille press, and an audio recording unit to support their activities. They also run an old age home for disabled and non-disabled elderly people.
                  Since 1997, the organization has been appointed as the implementing agency of the Integrated Education for Disabled Children (IEDC) in nine Talukas of Kachchh District. This scheme was replaced by Inclusive Education of the Disabled at Secondary Stage (IEDSS) in 2009.
               Shri Navchetan Andhjan Mandal's vision is to extend support to people with disabilities, provide facilities, and empower them to achieve social justice. They rely on donations and encourage people to join hands with them to make a difference. They believe that every child deserves a chance to build their future, and with education, they can offer them an identity and a better life.

Our Mission

To provide Education, Vocational Training, Health Care and all support services to persons with disabilities, thereby enabling them to earn their livelihood and become contributing members of the society. Our commitment to inclusion and choice is built and sustained by: Respect and Equality Trust and Honesty Creativity and Innovation Adaptability and Flexibility Tenacity and Resilience Partnership and Collaboration.

Our Vision

Reaching out to persons with disabilities by providing facilities and supporting them to achieve social justice and empowerment.

Created By Shlok Sompura